Pretenzijų svarstymas

1. In the case of products purchased from the e-store, the time for submitting a claim is at least 2 years from the delivery of the goods to the Consumer. Some products may have an additional warranty from the manufacturer.

2. If Smartech has provided a sales warranty for the device, Smartech will ensure that the defects are rectified in accordance with the terms of the sales warranty.

3. The claim shall be based on the sales invoice for the device and the completed manufacturer's warranty card if required by the manufacturer.

4. The claim does not cover the teaching, adjustment, maintenance, cleaning, restoration of the commercial appearance of the product or the elimination of defects caused by non-compliance with the instructions for use.

5. does not eliminate deficiencies that have arisen during the right to submit claims free of charge, if it is caused by:
• software errors installed in the device;
• normal wear and tear;
• incorrect use or maintenance (incl. If the device has been repaired or maintained by a person not authorized by the manufacturer);
• damage, replacement or removal of the serial number, control sticker or marking sticker of the device and / or part;
• external factors. External factors include thunderstorms, substandard voltage and voltage fluctuations, humidity, fluid, mechanical damage, etc.
• The product will not operate due to the fault of the owner, as a result of improper operation, non-observance of the operating instructions or if the defects were caused by careless storage, maintenance or overloading of the product.

6. relies on the expertise performed by the manufacturer's authorized representative to determine liability. If, as a result of the examination, it turns out that the deficiencies are caused by the factors listed above, but the device can be repaired, the Consumer has the opportunity to order a repair for a fee. Equipment with liquid / moisture damage and / or mechanical damage will continue to be repaired only for a fee.

7. An examination fee must be paid for the expert examination performed on the device if is not responsible for the elimination of the defect that has appeared on the device and the device cannot be repaired. The Consumer must also pay an examination fee if the device is not found to be defective as a result of the examination (diagnostics) and the device meets the technical requirements of the manufacturer.

8. During the claim period, the Consumer has the right to repair the product free of charge. If the product cannot be repaired and the defect is due to the manufacturer's fault, the product will be replaced in accordance with the repair certificate issued to the consumer by an authorized repair company. If repair or replacement of the product is not possible or fails, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract (demand a refund).

9. If the consumer does not agree with the position of, the consumer must prove that:
• there is a defect (non-compliance with the terms of the contract)
• the defect or its cause existed at the time of delivery of the device;
• is responsible for the defect.

10. In the event of deficiencies occurring within the first 12 months, the retail client must prove that:
• there is a defect (non-compliance with the terms of the contract);
• Absence or cause within the first 12 months.

11. In order to exercise the right to submit a claim, an e-mail must be sent to our customer service

12. In addition to the rights arising from the right to file a claim, the Consumer also has all other rights arising from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

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