Garantijos sąlygos (Smartech Shop OÜ) mediates the manufacturer's warranty for the goods sold. The warranty gives the buyer the right to demand free repair or replacement of the thing during the warranty period. The guarantee is valid in the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

Expertise - an expert examination performed by the maintenance department (in some cases also by the product importer) to find out the existence and cause of a defect in the product.

Independent expert examination - an additional paid expert examination performed at the request of the client by an independent expert if the client is not satisfied with the results of the expert examination performed by

The warranty covers the costs of repairing design, manufacturing and material defects and defects caused to the device due to these defects.

The warranty period starts from the delivery of the thing to the buyer and lasts until the period specified by the manufacturer of the goods.

The duration of the warranty repair is up to 45 days. When ordering parts with a long delivery time, the warranty repair time may be longer. We provide initial feedback on warranty repairs as soon as possible after the product reaches the repair shop.

Please keep the product packaging and all proof of purchase until the end of the warranty period in case of problems with the product. Replacement and return is only possible if a complete set is available.


- diskettes, CDs / DVDs, packaging, documentation, consumables, licenses, software and installation media;
- malfunctions of the product due to accidental or intentional damage to the product by the user;
- malfunctions of the device caused by changes in the technical characteristics of the device by a person or service not certified by the manufacturer;
- malfunctions caused by non-observance of the product instructions;
- errors caused by software;
- cleaning the device;
- when using the device for training;
- disturbances in the operation of the product caused by the use of the product under non-intended environmental conditions. This also includes computer parts that have been incorrectly handled by the customer or third parties;
- malfunctions of the device due to thunder or other natural phenomena (force majeure);
- Interference caused by connecting a computer or other device to an improper electrical outlet (including an unearthed electrical outlet).
- product malfunctions due to the connection of live equipment;
- interference caused by software installed by the customer in the product;
- computer failures caused by the customer's non-compliance with the parameters specified by the manufacturer for the computer components;
- products and parts whose serial numbers, control stickers or marking stickers have been damaged, replaced or removed.


- for the preservation of the information on the brought device, as well as if the data or software on the computer is damaged or damaged during the warranty repair.

- for failure to eliminate defects in the product, if the defect did not appear during the warranty repair and its occurrence during the warranty repair of the product has not been registered.

During the warranty period given to the goods by the manufacturer / seller, the customer may file a complaint with Smartech Shop OÜ regarding the circumstances preventing the intended use or storage of the goods, which are caused by defects in the quality of the goods. The consumer's complaint is resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The complaint must be submitted in Estonian and as clearly described as possible about the defect in the product.

The consumer's claim is not subject to settlement if Smartech Shop OÜ proves that the defects in the use of the goods have arisen due to the consumer's fault.

Smartech Shop OÜ is obliged to perform an expert examination at the request of the customer or, if necessary, order an independent expert examination in order to find out the causes of the defect in the matter. If the examination reveals that the part is in order or the defect is not covered by the warranty, the customer will pay the examination costs.

The costs incurred in connection with the equipment brought into the warranty service without a reason (if the defect is not caused by the manufacturer's defect or the warranty conditions of the product have been violated) are covered by the buyer (only valid if 6 months have passed since delivery).

In such a case, Smartech Shop OÜ has the right to submit an invoice to the customer for the work performed so far in accordance with the valid price list.


If it is impossible to repair the product, or its production is completed, Smartech Shop OÜ reserves the right (with the customer's consent) to replace the product with an equivalent one.

A thing replaced during the warranty period will be given a new warranty of the same duration as the original sales warranty.

The sales guarantee does not exclude or limit the buyer's right to use other legal or contractual remedies.

In which case is the repair of the device covered by the warranty?

During the warranty period, the manufacturer's defects in the device will be eliminated free of charge for the customer under the warranty procedure. If the error starts to recur and cannot be rectified, the device will be replaced or reimbursed. The warranty period of the device starts from the delivery of the thing to the buyer and is based on the date of the purchase and sale check. If, during the error detection of the device, it becomes apparent that the failure is caused by liquid and moisture damage and / or mechanical damage, the manufacturer's warranty becomes void and the product is subject to repair only for a fee.

If the goods show the above-described defect, the device will be returned to a service company authorized by the manufacturer. If the device can be repaired, a quote will be submitted to the customer to rectify the error. Repairs will only be started when the customer has accepted the price offer.

Please note that Smartech Shop OÜ is only a manufacturer's warranty intermediary. This means that We do not repair any phone ourselves, but the phone is always sent to a service center authorized by the manufacturer. This also means that the repair time cannot be influenced in any way by Smartech Shop OÜ, it depends on the service center.

How to take the device for warranty repair?

The device can be repaired both at an official service center and at a Smartech Shop OÜ office.

If you repair your phone at a Smartech Shop OÜ office, the repair time will be a little longer, because we will also send the device to an official service center. A purchase invoice is definitely required for warranty repairs.

When sending the device for maintenance or repair, Smartech shop OU cooperates only with service centers authorized by the manufacturers, the list of which can be found in the “Service centers” list.

Smartech Shop OÜ

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