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Smartech Shop OÜ, registry code 12838085 (hereinafter the Service Provider) and the customer who places an order in the Smartech.ee e-shop and identifies himself by entering his personal data (hereinafter the Service User) in the order, entered into this E-shop User Agreement (hereinafter the User Agreement).


1.1 Smartech.ee e-shop (hereinafter e-shop) is an online shop created by the Service Provider, through which products are sold to the Service User.
1.2 Smartech.ee is a registered trademark owned by the Service Provider.


2.1. In regulating their mutual relations, the contracting parties shall be guided by the Law of Obligations Act and other laws and other legislation of the Shop Republic and the agreement in the E-shop User Agreement.
2.2. The service provider has the right to make changes to the offered E-store service at any time.
2.3. The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the user agreement without the obligation to notify the Service User in writing by e-mail.


3.1 The products displayed in the e-shop are usually in stock. The availability of products displayed in the e-shop may change due to technical problems in the warehouse or E-shop programs.
3.2 If the product is out of stock and the order cannot be fulfilled, the employee of the E-store will contact the user and offer a possible new delivery time or replacement of the product with another equivalent product of the same price and quality, or a refund. The money will be returned to the service user immediately, within a reasonable time after placing the order.
3.3 The product images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. The product descriptions in the online store may not be exhaustive and may contain unintentional errors.
3.4 The products offered in the e-shop are sold to both natural persons and legal entities.
3.5 The user of the service confirms that he is at least 15 years old.
3.6 The Service User selects the desired products and undertakes to enter the data required to complete the order (surname, first name, contact telephone number, contact e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) and pays for the products via the Internet bank bank link, prepayment invoice or installment request.
3.7 The user of the service undertakes to submit true data necessary for the execution of the order. The Service Provider shall not be liable for non-performance of the order due to incorrect information provided by the Service User during performance or for any consequences thereof.
3.8 The sale takes place when the Service User has sent the order via the website of the E-store and has paid for the order.


4.1. All prices in the E-shop are in Euros and include VAT.
4.2. The service provider has the right to change the prices displayed in the e-shop at any time. If the prices in the e-shop have changed after the Service User has submitted the order and paid for it, the Service Provider undertakes to deliver the corresponding products to the User at the prices valid at the time of the order. The user of the service does not have the right to demand compensation for the price difference.


5.1 The service user has the right to choose between three different ways of receiving the goods.
5.2 If the Service User has chosen a courier as the method of delivery, the goods will be delivered by courier within 1-14 working days. All shipments are insured until the moment of delivery to the customer.
5.3 The delivery of the ordered goods takes place only upon presentation of an identity document to the Service User indicated in the order. The transfer of goods to third parties takes place only in agreement with the Service User.

Delivery time from the moment of ordering is 1 working day (if the goods are available at the representative office on site) to 14 working days (in stock). The approximate delivery time is displayed on the product page.
Smartech.ee offers 4 different transport options:
Free shipping
Buy for at least 150 EUR and we will deliver the purchases to you within Tallinn free of charge.
Parcel machines
Itella SmartPost (www.smartpost.ee), Omniva (www.omniva.ee), DPD (www.dpd.ee).
If the goods do not fit in the parcel machine, they will be delivered directly to the customer at the address indicated in the order by Omniva, DPD or Cargobus courier for an additional fee. The time of delivery of the goods is agreed with the customer in advance by phone.
To the post office
The goods are delivered to the nearest post office according to the customer's location. The customer will be notified of the arrival of the goods at the post office. It is possible to order goods that weigh less than 30 kg and whose dimensions are less than 180x80x60 cm at the post office.
Courier home or office
The time of delivery of the goods is agreed with the customer in advance by phone. Home delivery of goods to the customer is possible between 9:00 and 19:00 E-Rni. The goods are delivered to the customer's door up to 30 kg. If the weight of the goods is over 30 kg, delivery is only possible if the customer is helpful in unloading the courier. Delivery to the floor is at an additional cost.
If the goods are heavier than 30 kg or the longest side of the goods is more than 175 cm, then the cost of delivery is calculated separately and the buyer will be contacted regarding the additional charge apply.


6.1 If the Service User wishes to withdraw from the Agreement after submitting the order and prior to the performance by the Service Provider, the Service User undertakes to notify the Service Provider in writing as soon as possible. Written notice must be sent by e-mail to info@smartech.ee. The e-mail must indicate the order number from which you wish to withdraw and add the contact details of the Service user (first name, surname, date of submission of the order, contact telephone number, account number).
If desired, a standard withdrawal form can also be used:
- To: "Smartech Shop OÜ, Ussimäe tee 12/1, 13914 Tallinn, info@smartech.ee"
- I hereby withdraw (___) from the contract for the following thing (___) / next service (___)
- Date of placing the order (___) / date of receipt of the item (___)
- Name of the consumer
- Consumer's address
- Signature of the consumer (only if this form is submitted on paper)
- Date
6.2 If the withdrawal application reaches the Service Provider after the Service Provider has performed the contract, the contract shall be withdrawn in accordance with the chapter “Right of Return” of the E-store User Agreement.
6.3 The Service Provider shall refund the amount paid to the Service User immediately, but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the goods by the Seller.
6.4 The money will be transferred to the same current account from which it was received by the Service Provider.


7.1 Contracts entered into in the e-shop are subject to a 14-day right of withdrawal from the contract concluded by means of communication. The term starts from the day when the goods have been delivered to the Service user. If the Service User has decided to withdraw from the contract, he / she has the obligation to return the goods to the Service Provider.
7.2 The returned product must not be damaged and must be complete and in the original packaging. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal and to avoid paying compensation in the event of a return, the product packaging must be opened carefully without damaging it. It may be used to inspect the goods in a manner necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the thing. If the product has been purchased as part of a campaign where another product has been added to the product, you must return the entire set (ie all products).
7.3 The right of return does not extend to audio and video recordings and computer software with the cover open.
7.4 In order to return the product, a withdrawal notice must be submitted to the e-mail info@smartech.ee
7.5 Upon withdrawal from the contract, the consumer must return the purchased item immediately, but not later than within 14 days after notifying the withdrawal from the contract.
7.6 Upon return, the money will be refunded to the Service User immediately, but not later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods by the Seller.
7.7 The money will be transferred to the same current account from which it was received by the Service Provider.
7.8 The 14-day right of return does not apply to the following goods - products made taking into account the personal needs of the Service User and audio and video recordings and computer software, the cover of which has been opened by the Service User.
7.9 If the returned product (and product packaging) has deteriorated and the deterioration is caused by circumstances that are not caused by Smartech shop OÜ; and as a result of misuse of the product, Smartech shop OÜ has the right to set off the decrease in the value of the product with the amount paid by you for the product and to be returned to you. For set-off, Smartech shop OÜ will send you a set-off application to the e-mail address provided by you when placing the order. If you do not agree with the decrease in value indicated in the set-off notice, you have the right to involve an independent expert to determine the decrease in value of the product. The costs related to the expertise shall be divided in half between you and Smartech shop OÜ, unless the position of one of the parties is obviously unfounded. In such a case, the costs of the expert examination shall be borne by the party whose position was manifestly unfounded.


8.1 The 2-year term for submission of a claim provided for in § 218 (2) of the Act applies to products sold from the e-store.
8.2 Complaints are handled in accordance with E-store User Agreement appendix no. 1 “Procedure for handling claims of Smartech Shop OÜ”.
8.3 Smartech shop OÜ is not responsible for:
1) Your fault for deterioration / damage to the product.
2) For defects that have occurred as a result of irregular use of the product.
3) For normal physical wear and tear of the product during normal use.


9.1 The Service User gives clear and informed consent to the Service Provider to process his / her personal data.
9.2 The personal data of the Service User entered by the User upon submission of the order, which became known to the Service Provider, shall be entered in the customer register and used for the provision of sales services and goods to the Service User.
9.3 Secure SSL data communication and MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security systems are used when requesting card data.
9.4 The service provider does not see the card data entered. In order to make a transaction, the cardholder is directed to the secure environment of the Card Center. At the time of payment, the cardholder's card data is entered by the cardholder into the database located on the Card Centre's server and the data is also stored on the server located in the Card Center.
9.5 The source of personal data is the formation of a customer relationship when registering an order in the E-shop.
9.6 Data on the Service User's order included in the personal data to be registered - personal identification code, surname, first name (s), street, house, apartment number, settlement or city, postal code, telephone number, address, year of birth, sex, method of delivery, used payment method, E-shop Accepting the user agreement, agreeing to send sales offers, comments entered in free text at the e-mail address.
9.7 The personal data of the Service User, which is necessary for the mediation of the goods to the Service User, shall be forwarded to the company providing the courier service.
9.8 The protection of personal data is guaranteed by all security measures arising from law.
9.9 The Service Provider undertakes not to transfer the registered personal data to unauthorized persons.
9.10 The Service Provider reserves the right to transfer personal data concerning the Service User to persons who have a legal right to do so and who process the data in order to fulfill a legal obligation and to persons who have a legal right to protect the life, health or freedom of the Service User or another person.
9.11 The user of the service has the right to check the personal data concerning him / her as well as to change them or request the removal of his / her personal data from the register.
9.12 The Service User consents to the Service Provider sending an order confirmation to the e-mail address entered when submitting the order.


10.1 The service provider is liable to the extent of the sale price of the product. The service provider does not take responsibility for damages caused by defective products, such as damage to property or information, loss of turnover or profit.
10.2 The service user undertakes to use the E-store service only in accordance with the law and good practices.
10.3 The Service User is responsible for the costs related to the acquisition and maintenance of the software data communication systems of all devices that require the use of the Service, as well as for other expenses caused by the use of the E-Store Service.
10.4 The Service User is fully liable for damages to the Service Provider, other Service Users or third parties arising from the use of the E-Store in violation of the terms and conditions of the E-Store User Agreement and in violation of law or good practice.


11.1 Disputes arising from the E-store User Agreement between the Service User and the Service Provider shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be resolved in Harju County Court.
11.2 In the Republic of Estonia, the out-of-court out-of-court complaint resolution body is the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority (https://k Komis.ee/et). . The review of the complaint by the Commission is free of charge.
11.3 EU platform that allows consumers and traders to settle disputes relating to online purchases with the assistance of an impartial dispute resolution body.


12.1 Familiarization with the terms and conditions set forth in the User Agreement is mandatory for the Service User.
12.2 Upon submitting the order, by ticking the appropriate window “I agree with the terms of use of the E-store”, the Service User agrees that he / she has read, understood and agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in the User Agreement.

Smartech Shop OÜ
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