Kaip padaryti užsakymą?

1. Find and add a suitable product to the cart

Find the appropriate product category in the product tree on the left and click on it. The corresponding category opens with its subcategories and you can see all products in this category. Find the right product for you and click the "BUY" button. If you want to learn more about the product, click on the product image and a product page will open with detailed product information.

If there are many products in the selected category, the filter that opens will make it easier to find a suitable product. There you will find products in this category filtered by their main features. You can also immediately see how many products with the right features are currently available to you. Choose one or more features of a product that suits you should have, and according to your choices, you will only be shown the products that interest you.

You can also use the "Search for product ..." box in the top panel to find a suitable product. Enter a keyword or product name there and click the "SEARCH" button. You will then be presented with products that could match your search criteria.

In the same way, select the other products you want to buy. You can view the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart field at the top right.

2. Shopping cart review and quantity adjustment

In the open shopping cart you can see all products, quantities and prices.

If you want to change the quantity of products in the shopping cart, enter a new quantity. If you want to remove products from the shopping cart, click delete. If you are satisfied with the contents of the shopping cart, you can place an order by clicking the "Continue" button.

3. Entering the customer's data, choosing the delivery method and paying.

Enter the payer details of the order. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Select the method of delivery of the goods.

Choose the appropriate payment method. Select the appropriate internet bank where you want to make the payment. In our e-shop you can pay for the goods using Swedbank and SEB bank links. By choosing "Invoice" as the payment method - we will send you an invoice to your e-mail address, which you can pay in a way that suits you. You have 5 days to pay the prepayment invoice. If the prepaid invoice has not been paid within 5 days, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Once the order has been paid, our customer service will contact you within a business day to agree on a delivery time.

If you have any questions when ordering or need professional advice, feel free to call our customer service number or send a question to info@smartech.ee

Happy shopping!
  • truck
    Greitas pristatymas

    Pristatymas per 1-4 darbo dienas. Gaukite nemokamą pristatymą Taline užsakymams virš 150 EUR!

  • label
    Geriausios kainos

    Įsigykite techniką internetu ir sutaupykite pinigų

  • wallet
    Pirkti išsimokėtinai

    Mėgaukitės lankstumu ir patogumu mokėdami išsimokėtinai

  • star
    Akcijos ir nuolaidos

    Uždirbkite papildomų taškų ir kitą kartą mokėkite mažiau

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