TARGUS Privacy Screen 22inch Widescreen

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€ 51.76
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Цвет Transparent
Вес 95 g
Характеристики Anti-glare
Предназначен для Dell E2210C, E2311H
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Производитель TARGUS
Тип продукта Display privacy filter
Размеры (Д х Ш х В) 47.6 cm 26.8 cm
Совместимость с размером дисплея 22" wide
Гарантия производителя 2-year warranty
Гарантийный срок Пожизненная гарантия

Способ и срок доставки

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    8-11 дня

Описание товара

Keep your business your business with a Targus Privacy Screen. Targus Privacy Screens can be used on the majority of devices and only allow normal viewing of on-screen data from directly in front of it. They also act as a screen protector. The privacy screen is double-sided to ensure clarity and prevent eyestrain wherever you are working, whether there is high glare or not.An anti-microbial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria making it ideal for use with touch screens. Working life has become more mobile and increasingly people are working in busy public spaces such as coffee shops, restaurants and airports. Using a Targus Privacy Screen means you can work productively and comfortably with confidential business information wherever you are, in the knowledge that your on-screen data is protected from prying eyes.

  • Reversible screen: shiny side ensures clarity for viewing inside, matt side reduces glare for viewing outside or in a bright room
  • Three easy attachment options: under-bezel tabs, tab guides or re-usable adhesive strips
  • Targus privacy screens are more touch-sensitive than other screens on the market
  • SKANE M-8 Anti-Microbial Coating provides outstanding activity against fungi and inhibits the growth of bacteria, ideal for touch screens
  • Protect the information on your screen from unwanted viewing on any device, any size
  • Works with touch screens and dual screens
  • Anti-microbial
  • Privacy screens for tablet, laptop or desktop screens
  • Anti-glare

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