Forcell CARBON CLEAR RING Case for SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 balck

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Описание товара

Case with a ring - Forcell CARBON CLEAR RING. Provides solid protection for the device and reduces the risk of scratches. Equipped with a stylized ring serving as a magnetic plate for handles or a functional stand. Made of durable polycarbonate and flexible TPU, the case is resistant to damage and provides a perfect fit. Equipped with a 360-degree rotatable ring, which acts as a finger grip, magnetic plate for car holders or a stand for watching movies. Necessary cutouts facilitate access to all ports without interfering with the device. Reinforced corners (airbag technology) perfectly absorb shocks, providing additional security for your smartphone in the event of a fall. Transparent, polycarbonate back panel allows you to maintain the original appearance of the device. Raised edges protect the screen and camera of the device from contact with the ground, and thus - reduces the risk of damage.

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